Halloweekend 2014 Costume Contest

This past weekend was full of some incredible costumes! In order to reward those who really brought Halloween to a whole new level, we are having a vote based on user submissions! Think of it of our own version of Election Day. The winner of the Jumbo Beat Halloweekend Costume Contest will win a $25 Chipotle gift card, so vote for your favorite! Voting will stay open until midnight November 11th, so make sure to vote before then!

Let the best costume win!

Click on each costume to see them up close and then vote below!


0 thoughts on “Halloweekend 2014 Costume Contest

  1. I think it’s pretty offensive and inappropriate that 3 of these 12 costumes reference Christianity in an irreverent and mocking way. The priest and nun and the ¨cheesus christ¨ costumes are especially bad. I think it would be more responsible to remove them.


    1. Hi Mary

      Thank you for reaching out. We posted all the costumes that were submitted to us, not censoring at all. Next time, we will be sure to make everything much more appropriate 🙂


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