Funny Halloween Costumes on a Budget

You wake up on October 31st with no idea what you’re going to dress up as for Halloween. There are parties to attend, candy to collect, and yet, as much as you argue and plead, walking around in your everyday clothes and claiming you dressed up as a “Tired College Student” is not acceptable. However, here is a list of costumes that take a few minutes to put together and use mostly items from your closet. Save yourself the embarrassment of not having a costume and still look like you put a lot of effort into your Halloween attire.

Dust Bunny

I’m sure you have some animal ears that you used once upon a time for a previous Halloween costume. Well, sift through your headwear items and pull out those ears. Good. Next step, find a Swiffer duster mechanism. And now you have a super punny and adorable costume!

404 Error

This one is extra witty and really exemplifies how little effort you put into Halloween, but you will still get a few chuckles. All you need is a white t-shirt and access to a printer. Print out the phrase “404 Error: Costume Not Found” and tape it to your white shirt. Suddenly, you’re every web designers’ most aggravating message and the cleverest kid at every party.

Identity Theft

Yet again, you need another plain t-shirt. You will also need many stickers that read, “Hello, my name is….” In the blank spaces provided, write a variety of names on each sticker and paste them to your shirt. Now you have stolen the identities of several people. Trust me, puns never fail.

YO App

This is a great two-person costume. For those of us who are familiar with the app, “YO” this will be perfect. Both people involved need purple shirts, and if possible, purple bottoms. On each shirt, write, “YO,” and then every time you see one another, yell, “YO!” and give each other a high five. I promise this makes sense if you know the app. There’s also a Hodor version that you could go with too.

Formal Apology

Dress up in your fanciest attire. Print out a sign that read, “I’m sorry.” Punch two holes on either side of the sign and string a thread through each hole so that you can wear the sign around your neck. Not only do you look your best in your favorite dress or snazzy suite, but you also are hilarious. Looks, a good sense of humor, and a huge Halloween success.

I hope these tips not only help you achieve your Halloween dreams of not only being funny and well prepared, but also hiding the fact that these costumes were extremely last minute. Go forth and conquer the trick or treating and parties this weekend in ultimate style.


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