Let Me Entertain You | Oh How the Tables Have Turned

Everyone knows that I really want a female-led superhero movie. I mean, if you’ve ever talked to me for more than five minutes you know that I really want a female-led superhero movie. And, well, I’m getting one.

Last week, the CEO of Warner Bros. Studios announced the DC movie lineup through 2020. Not going to lie, it looks pretty awesome. Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is the first on the list, coming out in summer of 2016, but it’s actually the one I’m least excited for. We know from Watchmen and Man of Steel that Zack Snyder is not the best director of superhero films, and if I have to sit through three more hours of Batman and Superman being broody I may scream. However, the rest of the lineup looks pretty cool.

If you’re friends with me (and I like to consider all of my readers my friends), you know that I’m a Marvel girl through and through. Hell, there’s an entire wall in my dorm room dedicated to posters for Marvel movies. But Marvel hasn’t given me a female-led superhero movie as of yet, and isn’t even in talks to do so. But DC is making Wonder Woman, which will be out in 2017.

The wall of Marvel awesome in my dorm room. The Avengers poster is truly ginormous.
The wall of Marvel awesome in my dorm room. However, none of these posters are for movies starring a female superhero!

Wonder Woman will star Israeli actress Gal Godot, who will make her first appearance in BvS. Wonder Woman is undoubtedly one of the coolest superheroes ever as well, corny outfit and all. Powerful, smart, and honest, she’s the one who actually gets stuff done while Batman and Superman are busy having identity crises. So if the studio doesn’t screw it up, the Wonder Woman movie has potential to be very awesome.

We’re also getting a Suicide Squad movie in 2016, which features a team of famous DC villains who fight other villains. To be perfectly honest, the only thing I know about the Suicide Squad characters is what I’ve seen in the TV show “Arrow.” But, villains are always more fun than heroes anyway. So I’m looking forward to it.

Furthermore, in 2018 we’re getting big screen adaptations of The Flash and Aquaman, starring Ezra Miller and Jason Momoa respectively. The former will have a different story than its TV counterpart, which stars Grant Gustin on the CW’s “The Flash.” I don’t know much about either of these stories, but I’m intrigued by both. Interestingly, Ezra Miller will be the first openly gay actor to play the lead in a superhero movie, and we all know how I love representation. And while Aquaman gets a bad rap for being super lame, Momoa (aka Khal Drogo from HBO’s “Game of Thrones”) is possibly the most badass person ever. He’s also Hawaiian, and I think a Hawaiian Aquaman really makes so much sense.

So while I know relatively little about DC, I remain incredibly intrigued by the storylines presented. It’s funny, because a week ago I would have told you that DC was lagging behind Marvel greatly. And now? As Michael Scott would say, oh how the turntables.

I’m just imagining the CEO of Warner Bros, Kevin Tsujihara, calling up Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and saying, “Your move, sucker.”

This is not to suggest that Marvel is on a downward spiral, or that the next 27 Marvel movies won’t make a gazillion dollars. It’s just that for the first time in a long time (at least in the movie world), DC has beaten its legendary arch-nemesis by giving the public our long-awaited superheroine movie first. Hopefully this will inspire Marvel to fight fire with fire, giving us a female-led (Black Widow?) movie in years to come.

In any case, I’ll be at the movie theater in 2017, ready to watch Wonder Woman take down bad guys and haters for hours at a time.


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