Tufts, Tailored | Sweater Weather

I hope everyone managed to stay warm yesterday. It looks like it’s going to rain for the next couple of days but hopefully the sun will come out this weekend. Until then, keep rocking layers on layers. Sweater weather is here to stay.



Name: Lizzy Cui
How do you decide what to wear each day? “I just check the temperature daily and it’s fall now and I feel like it’s the sense of sweater.”
Describe your style. “The simpler the better.”
Name: Aaron Langerman
Why did you decide to wear this outfit? “I was eating a smoothie and decided I wanted to feel nice and cozy.”
Describe your style. “I wear a lot of blue and a lot of different colors of blue, which typically doesn’t work, but I try to rock it.”
Name: Marissa Malik
Where are your shoes from? “These are Weejuns by Bass… they’re a regeneration of a classic style from the 50s.”
Describe your style. “Modern cybergoth mixed with comfy hippy.”
Photos by Jack Kamin

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