Top 10 Arrested Development Episodes

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or under a banana stand), you’re probably aware that Jeffrey Tambor (aka George Bluth Sr./Oscar Bluth) is coming to Tufts on October 21. In order to honor him, and one of the best TV shows ever to grace the small screen, here are the top 10 best Arrested Development episodes (in no particular order, because choosing only ten is hard enough):

1. “Motherboy, XXX” Season 2, episode 13

We’re all scarred by the hilarious Motherboy pageant, in which mothers and sons dress up together. Buster is probably at his most entertaining in this episode, wherein he’s too depressed because of his hook hand to participate in the contest.

2. “Afternoon Delight” Season 2, episode 6

Watching Michael and niece Maeby awkwardly karaoke to the ’70s soft-rock song “Afternoon Delight” will have you laughing so hard you’re crying. As always, Arrested Development makes the uncomfortable hilarious.

3. “Forget Me Now” Season 3, episode 3

This episode has some of the best quotable moments of the whole show, as we learn more about “Mr. F” and Bob Loblaw’s law office. Furthermore, it features Tobias as the world’s first “analrapist.”

4. “Top Banana” Season 1, episode 2

The show’s second episode really threw audiences into the wacky world of Arrested Development. If you didn’t know what you expected, “Top Banana” let’s you know what’s going on. Say it with me now: “There’s always money in the banana stand.”

5. “Pier Pressure” Season 1, episode 10

George Bluth Sr. is such a great parent. I mean, using a guy without an arm to terrify your children into doing the “right” thing is an awesome idea, right? “Pier Pressure,” much like the rest of the show, is so weird it’s sublime.

6. “Good Grief” Season 2, episode 4

“Good Grief” may just be the most elaborately weird episode of Arrested Development. Buster is the magician’s assistant to Gob’s “illusion,” but he finds out halfway that George Sr. was murdered in Mexico (even though he wasn’t). The result? Absolute hilarity, and this scene. Also, it’s the first iteration of the Charlie Brown running gag when Ann (her?) breaks up with George Michael.

7. “Meet the Veals” Season 2, episode 16

This episode is great because Tobias’s weird housekeeper alter-ego “Mrs. Featherbottom” makes an appearance, and it’s the first time we see Franklin, Gob’s racist puppet sidekick. (Man, this show is weird.)

8. “Shock and Aww” Season 1, episode 14

Lucille adopts a young Korean boy to make Buster jealous. Oh, Annyong.

9. “In God We Trust” Season 1, episode 7

This episode is great because it introduces us to the elite community of nevernudes. “There are dozens of us!”

10. “Development Arrested” Season 3, episode 13

The final episode of the series is hilarious, the perfect sendoff to the most delightfully odd sitcom on television. While the strange season 4 failed to find the perfect balance of weird and wonderful, we’ll always have the first three seasons of Arrested Development, showing us what truly twisted people we are to laugh at such a crazy show.

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