Top Ten Tips to Get Through Midterm Season

  1. Make a comprehensive schedule
    It’s super helpful to see all the dates laid out. Start with marking the date of each exam, and then pencil in a rough plan of what you’re doing every day in preparation.
  2. Formulate a plan of attack
    Different classes require different study methods. You can ace some classes by reading the textbook, memorizing, and then regurgitating everything. For some other classes, it’s more helpful to review presentation slides and understand large concepts. Figure out the best method for each class, and implement that.
  3. Find your place(s) to study
    Figure out which type of environment you prefer to study in. Whether it’s dead silence (like Ginn or Lilly), or with some background noise (like Tisch, campus center, or any surrounding area cafes), or whether you prefer to be alone (like your desk or dorm lounge) . Just be wary of studying on your bed (it never works out).
  4.  Snack.
    On everything. Absolutely everything. (Hello Hodgdon!)
  5.  Disconnect.
    I know, I know, Facebook is awesome, and it’s so just so tempting to check Instagram. But disconnecting from social media really helps you focus on your studies. Allow strictly timed “social media breaks”.  You’ll thank yourself later. If necessary, use apps like freedom to block off internet completely, or self-control to block specific websites.
  6. Keep on living healthily
    The rest of you still needs to function. Take care of your own body. Sleep 7+ hours a night, go for a run, and stretch out those legs.
  7. Join study groups
    Listening to your peers teach the material is incredibly helpful. You’ll also find concepts clarified when you explain them to other people. While it’s perfectly acceptable to want to study alone, consider forming study groups and utilizing your classmates’ knowledge!
  8. Keep your notes on your hand
    Be sure to download the Google Drive app, or take a photo of your notes/textbook. By keeping your material handy, you can look over your notes when you have small pockets of free time.
  9. Coffee is the answer to everything
    Of course, it’s not recommended to over-rely on caffeine, but it is useful when you need a boost of energy. Also, check out this awesome and informational video about coffee. (It’s not procrastinating if you’re learning something right…?)

  10. Remember: Eat. Sleep. Rave (at Club Tisch). Repeat.MEME

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