[title of blog] | We’re Gonna Actually Pay Our Rent, We Promise

During my freshman year at Tufts, I was lucky enough to be involved in the First Year Show, Lend Me a Tenor. While that show closed nearly a year ago (RIP LMAT), it also has continued to influence my life up to this very moment. Now, this is not unique to this particular show, as every performance I’ve been involved in continues to affect me in some way continuously, but LMAT and Tufts theatre in general has shaped my college experience.

However, the biggest gift Tufts theatre has given me thus far happened this past Friday in a Dunkin Donuts at 9:30 am.

I became a homeowner.

Yes, I signed a lease, and no, I don’t feel like more of an adult, especially considering our decoration plans involve Arrested Development quotes in our kitchen and inspirational posters from Tina Belcher in our living room. However, I signed that lease with three people I met while working on LMAT; three other bewildered freshmen who, like me, were overwhelmed with the monumental changes freshmen year presents. Yet, here we are nearly a year later, signing a lease and it can be directly traced back to eating donuts in Jackson 5 during our first read through. Call it fate, destiny, an extremely elaborate butterfly effect, or perhaps that Dunkin Donuts is there for all my monumental moments, whatever suits you. It’s a fantastic chain of events regardless of the phenomenon. Plus now I get to actually cook and stop going to mail services. Let’s be honest, those are the real perks to living off campus.

I don’t believe there is a limit to how many times I can reiterate how supportive Tufts theatre is as a community. My Directing I professor is new this semester, but he seems to be continuously shocked and amazed by our class-wide “love fest.” It’s one massive dysfunctional and simultaneously functional family and I would have it no other way.

For instance, we hold a whole party to celebrate the new casts of the shows and the umbrella group “babies” as a congratulatory night for everyone involved in Tufts theatre. We welcome the freshmen into our world, enjoy laughs with old friends, and all in all, have a rather festive evening.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was that freshman meeting everyone for the first time, but now I am surrounded by future housemates, past cast members, current directors, classmates, and just a whole lot of love.

What a great place to call home.


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