Quidditch is Straight Cheesin’

College students crave the simple things in life: perpetually wearing sweatpants, the exhilarating feeling of taking a midday nap, and  any type of food that can be eaten directly after that nap while still wearing those sweatpants. This past Friday, Tufts’ Quidditch team, adoringly called the Tufflepuffs, provided a tasty solution to our third inherent desire by having their first late night grilled cheese delivery service of the semester. From 8:30 pm to 2:00 am, the Quidditch team was racing around campus, delivering grilled cheese to many sweatpants-wearing and sleep-deprived college students.

The process is simple. First off, take a look at their menu. You have your classic “Regular,” consisting of bread and cheese for all your nostalgic Kraft childhood memories. Of course, there are some pretty intricate sandwiches, like the ABT (Avocado, Bacon, and Tomato), or The Italian (Pesto and Tomato). They also have a selection of dessert sandwiches, including the essential Nutella and banana Panini, pressed to perfection and served warm.

After you’ve chosen your sandwich, you can also add some variation. A choice between white and wheat bread, Kraft, cheddar cheese, or both for a dollar more make these grilled cheeses your own personal creation. However, the variation goes beyond the sandwiches. For an extra fifty cents, you can specify that your sandwich be delivered by broomstick or even pick your favorite member of the Quidditch team to hand deliver your tasty toasty for just an extra Washington.

Once you’ve decided upon your magnificent grilled cheese masterpiece, you could have either preordered and specified a time or order as the night weaned onward, as you dreamed of hot grilled cheese sandwiches drifting into your dorm room. Either way, you’d receive that much anticipated phone call, notifying you that your sandwich was here for you to finally consume and, man, was it worth the wait.

Needless to say, the Quidditch team has certainly found their market for fundraising, so much so that they ran out of ingredients early in the night and the number of Yak’s on Yik Yak about grilled cheese saw a dramatic increase in the Tufts University area.

So bravo to the Tufflepuffs, for not only being excellent members of our sports community, but for feeding us delicious grilled cheese. We salute you and your broomsticks.


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