Recap: Homecoming 2014

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that this weekend was the highly anticipated “Homecoming” weekend. For those of you who, like me, are absolutely clueless when it comes it sports, let me enlighten you about Homecoming. The main attraction of this day is a football game played on the school’s home field. It is a day to celebrate school spirit and many alumni come back to campus to support their alma mater – hence the name – but its festivities extend far beyond that. Kicking things off on Friday night were the Beelzebubs, The Jackson Jills and the Amalgamates, who came together for an a cappella concert in Goddard Chappel. One of the main attractions on Saturday, apart from the actual game and the parties, of course, was the Homecoming carnival. It was organized by the Senior Class Council in the J-field and included delicious food and fun games.

But, of course the main event of the day is the game…or rather, games. Even though Homecoming is traditionally about football, there were several games to choose from this Saturday. The women’s soccer team was defeated 2-0 by Amherst, and the men’s soccer team tied 1-1 with Amherst. The athletic highlight of the day was the Tufts’ football team’s win against Bates. Our football team’s triumphant (and long overdue) victory over Hamilton last week has brought the campus’s sports-related enthusiasm to new heights. After the game, the crowd went wild and stormed the field, showing off their school spirit. 

Go Jumbos!


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