Hello U.S.A | An Eventfully Uneventful Week

It’s just one of those weeks: days pass by, homework assignments get turned in, quizzes are studied for, and the premiere episode of The Mindy Project is watched. I did however manage to snag one of those highly prized Lion King tickets and I caught up on the last few episodes of Parks and Rec. I also almost perfected the most perfect sandwich using Dewick’s ingredients here and there, and I got a free burrito from Boloco. I also tried my first ever Insomnia Cookie (or four of them) and the next day managed to work out twice. I got in Jumbo Raas once again and am very happy with the diversity of our team members. I suppose it was a pretty eventful week after all.

It has now been an exact month since I returned to the United States and I’ve now had Thai food five times now. I’ve managed to adjust to the weather by wearing actual pants instead of shorts and a sweater instead of a cardigan. I heard another person pass on the rumour that it may snow at the end of this month but then I remind myself to think positive thoughts.

Among all this wildness that plagues my life, the freedom that comes with college life is definitely a perk. I was able to take a lunch break out in Harvard Square, taking only two hours out out my Saturday afternoon. I didn’t have to ask my mom for permission and I didn’t have worry about transportation. Back home, a lot of planning would have to take place before I could go to the department store near my house and traffic alone would have taken away half of my day.

With independence, however, comes time management. I feel Tufts is still in the mode where we are all trying to catch up over lunch or dinner and trying to feed off the earliness of the new semester by going out to Boston whenever we have the chance. It’s beginning to take its toll a little bit as each day I find myself waking up earlier to do homework I wanted to finish the night before. It’s time to get back in that work mode as midterms shockingly are arriving in a week or two for some already. Time is passing by so quickly that plans for thanksgiving is beginning to formulate as well.

Third week of school is over and I guess I had a pretty eventful week. Here’s looking forward to late night dance practices, midterm studying, and more Netflix.


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