NAACP GIM Thursday 9/25 at 8PM

This Thursday, Sept. 25 at 8 pm in Campus Center room 203, a group of Tufts students will be hosting the GIM for the reinstatement of its NAACP chapter. The NAACP has been historically involved in catalyzing issues of civil rights and race to effectively create change. Many of us have read about the Freedom Rides, Montgomery Bus Boycotts, and marches for civil rights that occurred in the fifties and sixties. These events were all organized by, or populated primarily by, the NAACP and its members. The NAACP hasn’t just been active on the ground, but also in legal matters having to do with Civil Rights as well (Brown v. Board of Education, anyone?).

A group of Tufts Students from all races and backgrounds have felt, lately, like now is a major point for catalyzing racial progress yet again. Many of us watched what happened with Trayvon Martin, with Michael Brown, and have seen immigration come to a national forefront, and feel that current times are a time for action yet again. We are organizing a chapter for reinstatement and need the support of as many students from as many races, religions, ethnicities and backgrounds as possible to become an effective activist presence.
If you have any interest in any social justice or civil rights matters whatsoever, please stop by the GIM and join our group. We welcome all people and we hope to serve all people. Our current plan is to take the social justice or civil rights causes that are near to your heart, and find ways to get active in raising awareness and effecting change around these issues. Just a few that were mentioned at our start-up meeting disparities between minorities and majorities (educational, income and healthcare to name a few), immigration issues, the power of language, portrayal of black men in the media, mass incarceration, and school to prison pipelining. If you are interested in any of these issues or feel passionate about something undiscussed, we encourage you to attend our GIM and get on board.
The goal of this chapter is to be a forum for activism and of inclusion for all people of all races, ethnicites and religions to come together and not only discuss problems we see today, but start enacting solutions. If you’d like to be a part of our chapter, we look forward to welcoming you.
Written by Megan Zupon

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