5 Best Things To Do in Boston While the Weather is Nice

Fenway Park

With the club fair behind us and the onslaught of general interest meetings petering out, it seems like a good time to give you, dear reader, even more things to do. If classes and extracurriculars haven’t usurped all of your free time, here are some fun fair-weather activities in and around Boston.

The Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail is a 2.5-mile long brick-lined trail that takes journeyers through Boston’s colonial history, hitting 16 famous sites along the way. Interested parties can follow the red brick road at their leisure, charting their own path through time, or travel along with a guide clothed in period-appropriate attire. Tours depart throughout the day and cost just $10 for students – seeing someone in colonial garb may well be worth the price of admission alone.

A Game at Fenway Park

Baseball season is ending soon, so checking this one off the list requires acting fast. The last game on the schedule falls on September 28, and it’s against the Yankees. Whether or not you like the Red Sox, or baseball at all for that matter, a game at Fenway Park is an experience – there is nothing like a Boston crowd, especially after a game.

Boston Waterfront

Walk the Waterfront

The Charles River is a beautiful sight when it’s flowing. Arguably it is just as beautiful when it is frozen, but probably less enjoyable to stroll along. While the weather’s still nice, head on down to the River for some casual sightseeing or even a picnic – the river is lined with parks. The Esplanade is just off of the Charles/M.G.H. red line stop and provides excellent views of Cambridge (it’s also near the science museum if that strikes your fancy as well).

Copp’s Hill Burying Ground

This entry on the list can be part of an historical blowout weekend including The Freedom Trail. While not included in the 16 sites of the Trail, Copp’s Hill holds a lot of local history within it. It is the second oldest cemetery in Boston.


Duck Tours

What is there to say about Duck Tours? They are fun, informative, and all around wacky. They are definitely the least wallet-friendly option on this list starting at almost $29 for a student ticket, but still worth a serious look. The tours hit many of the major sights around Boston, both new and old, and make a great way for those who haven’t yet gotten to know the nearby city to do so quickly. Plus, it’s just plain fun going from land to water and back all in the same vehicle.

There are so many other things to do in Boston. Some of them are just shutting down for the season, while others will be opening soon; but, while you have the chance, go do the above things and enjoy New England’s beautiful seasonal transition.


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