DIY Room Decor at Hillel

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On September 15, amidst about fifteen GIMs, Tufts Hillel held its DIY room decor event. The event was hosted at the Granoff Family Hillel Centre. It came at the perfect time as students are settling into their new rooms and look for things to make the space feel like their own. And after all, what better way to personalise a space than decorate it with things you’ve made yourself? From glue guns to glitter, Hillel had it all. Some chose to make name plates for the fronts of their doors while others decorated picture frames for their favorite photos. The most popular item of the night, however, were the mason jars. They were covered in string, plastered with glitter painted over, and even studded with stones. The glue and glitter flying everywhere made for a friendly and creative atmosphere.  The event was a great way to de-stress after the overwhelming first few weeks of classes while also giving students the chance to add a bit of personality to their rooms. It felt great to behave like a seven year old again and play with glue and glitter. The even was a great success and everyone left with, at the very least, a smile on their faces.


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