Tufts KSA Korean BBQ Lunch


Every college student loves free food, and free Korean barbecue is basically a dream come true. At noon this Wednesday, the Tufts Korean Students’ Association sponsored a Korean barbecue on the Res Quad. The food included rice, kimchi, and barbecued beef and pork grilled right there on the lawn. When I got to the Res Quad just before noon, there was already a line of eager students extending halfway across the field. By 12:00, the line stretched all the way to Olin.


I was waiting in line for nearly twenty minutes, but the food was definitely worth it. The guy standing in front of me in line seemingly got the last scoop of rice, which was nothing short of tragic. Fortunately, the girl serving food pulled another tray of rice from underneath the table, otherwise I would have been forced to riot and the Res Quad would have devolved into a situation reminiscent of the Hunger Games. There is honestly nothing better than well-prepared rice. Dewick and Carm’s rice is just too dry; this was the perfect treat for rice connoisseurs on campus.


I have no idea how KSA managed to make such delicious barbecued meat on a simple grill in front of Carm, but they did. The beef and pork were served with some vegetables in delicious sauces. I got a little bit of both, to have the real experience. I adore Korean food, and the barbecue beef and pork did not disappoint. I think I preferred the pork, but it was by a very narrow margin. Both were cooked to perfection.


Going to a dining hall every day gets boring, and cooking for yourself is hard and cleanup is annoying. Fortunately for students, organizations such as KSA are willing to feed us delicious food for the low, low price of free. It was an awesome way to get some great food on a beautiful early autumn day and raise awareness for the group’s GIM.



Photos by Josh Podolsky 


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