Hello U.S.A. | Summer Weather in a Summer Country     

As I look over the ten storage boxes, four big suitcases, and the tumbled up furniture that all take up about three quarters of my room at South, I immediately yearn for summer. It seems as if I never even left campus and summer was all just a blip in the past. So much was done, experienced, and accomplished, and it all now jumbles up into a box of summer 2014 memories that seems so small and congested. (Unlike the big boxes conquering my room at the moment.)

I now go on to the next item on the agenda: unpacking. I was convinced that packing up my room last year at Metcalf was the worst ordeal possible. But don’t be fooled: unpacking is much worse, especially with jet lag. And no parents to help while you slyly take the task of carrying empty boxes to the recycling room. I shall complain no further.

This past summer was the first time I had no tangible work due in the fall semester, and I guess is part of the reason why being faced with actual work in decorating my room is so daunting. I had no extended essays, TOK essays, Biology IAs, or TOK presentations to prep for (Not the most enjoyable things, as any IB kids will understand). It was a summer of total freedom to do whatever I wanted to do. So I set out my goals: Do well in my internship, embark on a fitness routine, watch a ton of movies, read a ton of books, and spend my time with friends and family. Being an international student, it was difficult spending four months away from the Bangkok life I grew up in (four months of snow and chilly weather in Medford was not what I was prepared for), and I was finally back and didn’t even realize when it was time to leave.

I took every opportunity to head to the beach and enjoy the summery weather in the perfect summery country. I published a philanthropy piece in the magazine Thailand Tatler covering the Make A Wish Foundation chapter in Thailand. I travelled to India to visit the Golden Temple in Amritsar and spent a few days in Delhi. I exercised and am now obsessed with being a little healthier (which just means cutting down pizza and fries to once in a blue moon, a.k.a. once a week). I made it a point to watch all the latest Bollywood films, after which I would have a discussion with my dad on their merits and flaws. I spent time with family as much as I could and went to brunches, Disneyland, and also managed to attend an Indian wedding.

I did a lot, though on paper it doesn’t sound like much. I did other things that I do not wish to disclose at the moment, but hopefully in the near future. I relaxed. Reflected. Enjoyed. Slept. Ate. I had a fantastic summer, and I would like to leave it in that small and congested box for now as I head on to unpack the other boxes in my room.


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