Hot off the Press | April 24, 2014

IN NEWS: After a more than 12-hour delay, junior Robert Joseph was elected the next Tufts Community Union (TCU) President, defeating opponent Andrew Núñez, a junior. Joseph received 1151 votes, or 65 percent of the vote to Núñez’s 35 percent and 627 votes.

IN FEATURES: Making the newest marks on the Tufts literary scene are PostScript and Melisma, a political journal and music magazine, respectively. While PostScript is breaking ground as a new politically-focused publication for independent opinions, Melisma was founded in 2004, but is recreating itself with a new emphasis on music.

IN ARTS: In its first few minutes, “Transcendence” announces that somewhere in the near future, all of our technology will fail.It doesn’t seem entirely bleak — people seem to be making do with whatever they can. But there is a pervasive, quiet sense that something has gone deeply wrong with humanity.

TODAY’S EDITORIAL: The Tufts’ janitorial staff is in a precarious, and often confusing, position. I would like to clear up the situation, in hopes of paving the way for further student and administrative action on behalf of the Tufts janitors.

IN SPORTS: The week’s baseball games bring Tufts’ record to 25-2 overall and 6-1 in conference play, with eight games remaining.