Top 10 Summer Destinations for College Students

Summer is just around the corner and the number of days of classes left in this beautiful spring semester fit onto a single hand. While everyone seems to be doing something different – whether it be internships, jobs, research, or just staying at home – one thing is certain: after a semester of hard work everyone could use a little rest and relaxation. Below is a list of the top ten places college students can go to just get away from it all, or meet up with friends for a summer reunion.

10. Amsterdam

This one may take a little explaining to parents, given Amsterdam’s reputation. Summer is a great time to see the Dutch capital, as it is both pedestrian and bicycle friendly, and, if one gets a chance, it is a great idea to take a trip to see some tulip fields. Airfare is not the only high aspect of seeing this city, but it is a reason that it appears so early on this list. Even so, if you and some friends can take the airfare, Amsterdam is a great place to spend a week.

9. San Juan

Puerto Rico is perhaps one of the easiest Caribbean islands to get to; there are tons of flights from all over the United States (not to mention cruises), and immigration is a breeze for anyone with a US passport. On top of that, the beaches are great, as is the food, and both are readily available throughout the city.

8. Paris

Paris may be the most expensive city on this list. Vacationing on a budget here may be difficult, but it can be done, especially if you abstain from indulging in the tourist areas and focus more on native delights. Traveling around national holidays, such as Bastille Day, will not only add tons of fun and leave you with stories to tell, but also leave your wallet weighing more, as many museums and attractions are free on such days. Plus, Paris is the city of love.

7. Niagara Falls

The falls are truly a beauty to behold. They are also a great excuse to make a short trip across the border to our neighbor to the north. Driving into Canada is easy as can be, and there is plenty to do across the border. While you are in the area, it would probably be a good idea to make a trip over to Adirondack Park in upstate New York, the largest park in the contiguous United States.

6. New Orleans

You definitely will not be there for Mardi Gras in the summer, but New Orleans is an awesome place to spend some of your precious vacation time. Downtown and the French Quarter are choc-full of amazing eats such as Café Du Monde for beignets (a French donut covered in mountains of powdered sugar) and Mother’s (po’boys to die for). New Orleans is brimming with culture and history, and a dull second hardly ever passes in this city. Transportation outside of the main parts of the city may be iffy without a car, but downtown has public transportation and is quite walk-able.

5. Cancun

This is one of those vacation destinations that you go to for vacation’s sake. With its beaches, resorts, and nightclubs, Cancun is the place to go for a kind of fun different than the one you’ll get in places like New Orleans or Niagara Falls. If soaking up some sun in a city practically dedicated to rest, relaxation, and partying sounds like a good time to you, give Cancun a very serious look.

4. Dallas-Fort Worth

Cowboy culture is alive and well in the United States. Case and point is Dallas-Fort Worth where you can attend an actual rodeo – not a show for tourists. Chicken-fried-steak is a must for anyone unfamiliar with the dish, as is Tortilla Soup. Do not be surprised if you end up taking a pair of cowboy boots back with you.

3. Denver

People usually think about coming here in the winter and spring when there’s snow and the various sports associated with the white stuff all over the place, but the Rockies are just as beautiful in the summer as they are in the middle of winter – although, the warm weather may make them more enjoyable actually. There’s plenty to do in the city, as well as hiking and white water rafting – among other things – just minutes outside.

2. Road Trip

This one may not be a destination, but it is the best way to see a whole bunch of destinations that do not make it onto this list individually. Whether you rent an RV or just hop in a friend’s car and work out accommodations as you go along, road trips are a great way to spend time with a small group of friends and an even better way to see the country. This one’s a classic.

1. Your friend’s house

There are so many reasons to go to your friend’s house. First of all, your friend lives there. Second, your friend’s parents live there, and they are probably good cooks who are really excited to meet their child’s college friend(s) and want to make you delicious (free) food. Third, it’s almost definitely the cheapest of these options. Four, you get to see your friend’s embarrassing childhood photos and childhood bedroom. The list goes on, so go make plans with one of your buddies to visit each other at some point – you’re about to go the longest amount of time apart from each other you’ve gone since September.