Food for Thought | Obituary: Trick-Turning

This April 2014, we learned that Trick-Turning at Hodgdon Good-To-Go has passed away peacefully. Throughout its existence, Trick-Turning was a beloved friend to all incoming Tufts freshmen, and to anyone who was still on an unlimited meal plan at Tufts. It provided a great place to meet up and get free groceries. Trick-Turning is survived by its kin, the Hodgdon burritos, quesadillas, and sandwiches, as well the new late-night option which accepts meal swipes, the Commons at the Campus Center.

Through its existence (which I’ve tracked back to as early as 2008), Trick-Turning brought joy to many Tufts Jumbos. In fact, Trick-Turning was featured in a 2013 admissions magazine as one of the hallmarks of a freshman Jumbo’s Tufts experience. In 2008, there was even a Facebook group formed to discuss the many ways of stealing food from Dewick, and Trick-Turning provided the only technically legal way of doing so, as was widely discussed.

Trick-Turning has provided students who don’t have friends (I mean who are “always busy”) a way to dine for free without judgment in the solace of their rooms, and has also provided students the possibility of obtaining free groceries (namely Oreos) to keep in their dorms. Those who are hungry late at night, say around midnight, would have an abundance of food available to them in their rooms.

Though many have complained about the excess of food at Tufts, and blamed such fantastic options for their “Freshman Fifteen” weight gain, all can agree that Trick-Turning will be missed dearly by those on the Unlimited meal plan in years to come. Perhaps the best thing that can be said about such a tragedy is that the pain of the loss will only have to be felt by current Tufts students. While incoming freshmen will never have the opportunity to indulge in the overwhelming experience of walking into Hodgdon and realizing literally everything is free, they won’t have to feel the pain of this absence in years to come.

While I do not condone a revolution, I would like to leave you with this quote: “The dead cannot cry out for justice. It is a duty of the living to do so for them.” —Lois McMaster Bujold