[title of blog] | Technical Birthdays

Nearly every teenage birthday I have had has been celebrated during rehearsal.  And, for some reason, all of these rehearsals have been during tech week.  While it would be nice to have a night off to celebrate my momentous nineteenth birthday (because so much changes when you turn nineteen), I’d almost rather spend it sitting in a theatre and watching Or, take it’s final shape. Somewhere between the costume changes and light cues, I’ll blow out a few candles before passing out later in the night and enduring the rest of tech. To be honest, it’s exactly how I’d like to ring in my last year of teenagehood. Maybe next year, when I turn twenty (oh God that can’t be real) I’ll celebrate outside the theatre as a change of pace, but I’d be perfectly content sitting in the dressing room for yet another birthday.

By the time this is published, Or, will have opened and everyone will have experienced the final masterpiece that is currently unfolding before my eyes. In the past week, I’ve witnessed this historical fiction farce develop into a fully realized art form. As this is my first department show at Tufts, it’s a dramatically different process as far as tech is concerned. There are many more hours spent in the dressing room, trying to listen intently to the intercom for cues, people to actually help me into my corset-like costume, and even someone to towel off the actors from the perpetual sweat caused by stage lights. For a cast of only seven, it seems like there is triple to tech members. From dressers, to light board operators, and even musicians, there are so many people a part of this show, it’s remarkable. Student theatre is remarkably professional, even for a BA program at Tufts. It actually surprises me how well run and organized this process is, not that I ever underestimated the department. I mean, we even stick to Equity rules, which provides ever-necessary ten-minute breaks.

Or, has been a tremendous experience and has really pushed me as an actor. I have been held to higher standard, surrounded by immensely talented actors, skilled technicians, and a dedicated production staff, it’s been an incredibly rewarding challenge and opportunity, full of kisses, laughs, and guns encapsulated within the English Restoration.

If you would like to witness such a fanciful comedy, Or, runs through April 12th at 8 pm and tickets are available in the Balch Box office.