Hello U.S.A. | Tick-Tock

We have now delved into the first week of April and students are becoming increasingly hyper about either the amount of work they have left, the not-so-subtle creeping up of summer, or the fact that they do not quite have their summer plans figured out. Along with planning classes for next semester. Along with mapping out final exam schedules and final paper or project due-dates. Along with deciphering storage plans booking flight tickets home. Along with frantically making housing plans for those who missed the housing lottery. Along with running for various leadership positions in clubs. Along with reflecting on the past year while trying to finish strong. Along with all of the above. Yes, the end of the semester can be quite intense.

It feels like the semester had just begun last week and I am finally settling in well, only to be leaving in about five weeks. Time has flown by and I don’t really know how I feel about boarding that flight to the end of freshmen year. But it’s hard to think about all of this, when all of the above stresses need constant attention to stop from increasing the stress. I have then decided to create a list of things that people should do, or at least I will try to do, to keep us sane in the upcoming months:

1) Keep in touch with your favorite TV show. An episode or two per week does not mean you are procrastinating or slacking off. We need time to laugh, cry, hold ourselves in suspense, or just be distracted.

2) Listen to motivating music in the morning. I prefer music with a beat to get me pumped up for the day and excited for the work/ventures I’m about to have.

3) Keep a calendar/agenda. A good way to be on top of things is to jot them down. A trick to this is to actually check your agenda every day (trust me, this needs to be said!).

4) Plan your weekends. By jotting down events on your social calendar, you have something else to look forward to other than work. Also with the passing of each week and the fun events, it seems like time will go faster during stressful periods of midterms, assignments, and papers.

5) Find new study spots. It feels awesome to just go out in Davis to sit in various cafes, open up your books, and spend your time simultaneously people-watching, eating, and studying. Sometimes distancing yourself physically from campus is what you need to get yourself back in focus.

6) Have meals with friends. Everyone is busy, yes. But take time to sit down and talk to someone. It may be the stress-reliever you needed all day.

7) Exercise. Go for a run in the gym, or for evening walks. Physical exercise is a great way to refresh yourself from the daily stress and to just clear your mind.

This is the list that I’ve come up with, and so far, I’ve been sticking to at least four of them. I’ll try my best to stick to the list, but I encourage you all to give it a try as well. Let’s finish this semester strong!