[title of blog] | Spring into Showtime

The month of April will be entirely dedicated to theatre. For some reason unbeknownst to me, I keep auditioning and signing onto production staffs, like a moth attracted to a bright light, buzzing around the burning fluorescent bulb.

Unlike our unfortunate friend from “A Bug’s Life,” I have preventive measures before frying myself. For instance, coffee becomes a highly valuable commodity, alongside copious amounts of naps. I will probably have a tan from the bright reflective light of my computer with all the emails pouring into my inbox. From rehearsal schedules to cast lists to sponsorship letters, my life and inbox are flooded with all of these theatrical pursuits. On my tours, parents often as me if I have time to sleep.

Nope. Sleep is for the sane.

I’m excited, despite all the chaos that’s happening right now. As time goes on this next month, a show will open and close virtually every week for me. Projects that I’ve been working on since the beginning of the semester and those that have only been in my life for a few days will come to fruition and then disappear all too suddenly. Right now, I’m trying to soak in all the wonderful productions I’m a part of before they dance away with each curtain call.

Right now, all I can feel is the waning exhaustion and conducting my life rehearsal-to-rehearsal, inching closer and closer to opening night, subsequently getting closer to that ever-enticing light. Balch may not have beds, but that doesn’t negate the fact I will be napping backstage often and cramming in all my homework huddled up next to Charlie (that’s a name of a entrance in the theatre, not to be confused with an actual person).

The end is near, though it feels far. I’m definitely stuck in some space-time continuum, as winter melts into spring while I count the prop toothpicks I’ve gone through in the past week.