Entrepreneurs at Tufts | WeParty

WeParty is “college nightlife in an app.” It was co-founded by Kofi Asante, Richard Kim, Dennis Bravenec, and Jared Moskowitz (all freshmen here at Tufts). The WeParty team was founded early Fall 2013, and they launched early in the spring semester 2014. By the time you read this article, version 2.0 of WeParty should be available on the Apple App Store.

I spoke with the WeParty team a few weeks ago, and the vision they share for their app is genuinely inspiring. When I asked where they see WeParty going, the answer was clear: “a Spotify for parties.” But let me first tell you a bit about what WeParty does.


WeParty displays and allows users to interact with events on and off the Tufts campus. One of the exciting new features is dubbed Munchies. Munchies allows users to call a restaurant such as Golden Taste or Pizza Days, and get a minimum discount of 10% on anything they order — all the user has to do is ask for the WeParty discount. From an expansion perspective, this is an incredibly interesting concept, especially considering that when the app expands onto Android and Windows Phone, other users will already be familiar with WeParty because they’ve hopefully been using the discount even without the app.

However, the main functionality of WeParty is the ability to view and host events. The app allows users to host their own event for a party if they want to. Furthermore, the app also allows users to see the events going on around them. This radically changes how college students view parties. No longer on Saturday nights do we have to go looking for parties. We can simply open up WeParty and see what’s going on around Tufts, or even Boston!

So, what is the future of WeParty? Well, first off, the team is incredibly cohesive and has an amazing joint vision for the future. As mentioned above, they want to make WeParty the Spotify for parties. They want it to be able to eventually recommend the events it thinks you should go it. They want it be almost like a personal assistant which can plan your night out for you (isn’t that amazing?!).

The WeParty team has just launched the second major release of their app, and are hoping to develop it further over the course of their time at Tufts and beyond. Until then follow their motto and make every night count!