Top Ten Weirdest National Holidays

It’s the international day for condoned mischief, April Fool’s Day! While this might seem like a pretty wacky holiday to have, there are a plethora of dates devoted to ridiculous celebrations. Here are the top ten weirdest holidays that you can celebrate:

1. Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day, February 23

On this day, we get to celebrate and honor the treats that make our canine friends happy. Why you need a day to appreciate dog biscuits, I’ll never understand, but you can celebrate it by giving your puppy a little extra love (and snacks)

2. Waffle Day, March 25 OR August 24


Go to Sweden just for the waffles. That looks awesome. Photo courtesy of Mikaela Gustavsson/

Apparently eating waffles is so great that it deserves not one, but two, separate dates devoted to the activity. Internationally, Waffle Day is celebrated on March 25. It began in Sweden as Vaffeldagen, and commemorates the beginning of spring by eating a lot of waffles. In America, Waffle Day marks the anniversary of the patenting of the first waffle iron invented by Cornelius Swarthout. I recommend celebrating both days, because you get to eat a whole bunch of waffles.

3. Be Kind to Lawyers Day, April 8

It must be hard to be a lawyer. They have to deal with long work weeks and people making fun of them all the time. On April 8, everyone should take the time to appreciate the lovely lawyers in their lives. Maybe give them flowers, or buy them chocolates. On April 9, of course, you can go back to hating lawyers.

4. Hairball Awareness Day, April 25

Hairballs are a menace to cats and the owners who have to clean up the mess. Hairball Awareness Day reminds us of the struggle of owning a cat.

5. Root Canal Appreciation Day, May 11

On May 11, show some love for your dentist. The root canal procedure has saved many a person from tooth pain and discomfort, and so it’s appropriate that there is an entire day dedicated to it.

6. VCR Day, June 7


 Childhood in a picture. Photo courtesy of

June 7 is a day for nostalgia. You should spend this day remembering all the times you watched Disney movies on VCR when you were little. Celebrate by going on a mad quest to find all of your old videos, only to discover that your mom sold them all in a garage sale. Then proceed to cry over the fleetingness of youth and the tragic decline of the humble VCR.

7. Thrift Shop Day, August 17


Look how much fun you can have in a thrift shop! Photo courtesy of

This is a great day to go pop some tags, especially if you have $20 in your pocket. You should go hunting. Maybe you’ll find a comer. It’s pretty awesome.

8. Be Bald and Free Day, October 14

This is a thing. This is an actual day to celebrate being bald and free. I’m not making this up.

9. Name Your PC Day, November 20

You’re a college student, so you probably spend a lot of time with your computer. If you have a PC, November 20 is the perfect day to give it a name. My PC’s name is Jeff. What will yours be?

10. Chocolate Covered Anything Day, December 16


Yum. Photo courtesy of

Just cover everything with chocolate. Food, clothes, people. It’s chocolate covered anything day, right? Might as well celebrate in style.