Hot off the Press | March 24, 2014

In News:  Three Tufts graduates, in collaboration with the Communications and Media Studies Program, have established the CJ Saraceno Memorial Scholarship to provide financial assistance to students interested in a summer media internship in Los Angeles. The scholarship was created in memory of Christopher “CJ” Saraceno (LA ’11), a Tufts graduate who died last year while working in Los Angeles.

In Features: Tufts Against Genocide (TAG) is working to expand awareness and initiate discussion on campus about genocide in both its historical and present-day contexts. This Wednesday, TAG will host its annual Survivors Speak event, where survivors of the Holocaust and thegenocides in Darfur, Cambodia, Rwanda and Bosnia will visit Tufts to share their stories and discuss ways to prevent future violence.

In Arts: “The Grand Budapest Hotel” is more than just a movie; it is a full-bodied experience that immerses its viewers in an unfamiliar, exciting world. The film certainly lives up to many of the expectations requisite of a Wes Anderson film: quirky characters full of idiosyncrasies and insecurities, novel-like levels of storytelling and an immaculate eye for the smallest details.

Today’s Op-Ed: As a freshman, I found many of the demonstrations and events hosted by Students for Justice in Palestine in the recent week before break quite appalling. I was stunned by the implicit message many of these events sent about Israel as a whole. In my opinion, these events, at least from a neutral perspective, left a lingering anti-Israel aura, rather than a clear message of needing to provide humanitarian aid to those Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.

In Sports: A season filled with highlights and accomplishments came to an end on Saturday, when the women’s basketball team fell in the semi-finals of the NCAA Div. III Championship to eventual national champions Farleigh Dickinson-Florham University, 42-39.