Most Anticipated New Albums of 2014

The music industry is gearing up for an extremely full year. Though no one can predict the secret album drops (all hail Beyoncé), we can expect an immense amount of new music to be blasting through our headphones. In no particular order, here are the top seven most anticipated albums of 2014.

Voices | Phantogram

Described as electronic rock with a street beat and influenced by psych pop, Phantogram released their sophomore album, Voices, on February 18th. After releasing their single “Fall in Love” last year, this band garnered a large following, especially in the electronic scene. So far, this album has received positive reviews and is considered to be one of the more unique albums of its kind.


TBD | Blink-182

Say hello to middle school once again. Mark Hoppus, one of the lead vocalists, posted on Twitter in early February a screenshot of his computer screen with the caption “Them blink-182 demos”. The album is currently untitled, but is expected to be released before the 2014 Reading Festival in August.

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Ultraviolence | Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey’s third studio album is sure to be a summer staple. Set to be released on May 1, the singer is prepared to expose a more stripped style in contrast to her past two albums. The single “Black Beauty” was leaked last August, discouraging Del Rey from writing for a while, but no word on an altered release date.

Morning Phase | Beck

A companion piece to his 2002 album Sea Change, Beck released Morning Phase early in February. Described as a “down-tempo stroke of genius,” this has been some of Beck’s best work in years. It debuted at number three on the Billboard 200 and it was Beck’s second-highest charting album in the United States, following Guero from 2005.

The New Classic | Iggy Azalea

After gaining recognition for her controversial music videos for her songs “Pu$$y” and “Two Times” last year, Iggy Azalea is finally set to release her first full length album on April 14. The EP Glory released last October gave her audience a taste of her style: a conglomerate of hip-hop with a southern American accent, despite her Australian origin.


Glorious | Foxes

You’ve all probably heard Foxes’ voice playing loudly as you passionately lip-synced to “Clarity” by Zedd. Foxes’ album was set to be released on May 9, but was leaked a full two months beforehand. Met with positive reviews, Foxes proved she could stand on her own to provide a singer-songwriter and electronic mash-up sure to delight the ears.


St. Vincent | St. Vincent

St. Vincent’s self-titled fourth album was released on February 25. With a sound described by the artists as a “party record you could play at a funeral,” the album has received critical acclaim. Our very own Tufts Daily published a review last week in accordance with the rest of the music world.