Top 10 Things To Do Over Spring Break

Spring Break is almost here and it brings much-needed respite from essays, papers, exams, quizzes, and sleepless nights. In anticipation, here is a list of 10 ways to spend your 10 days of freedom.

1. Sleep: Coming right out of midterm week, you probably haven’t had enough sleep. So hit snooze as many times as you want because for a glorious 10 days, there will be no classes to attend and no papers to write.

download 2. Watch Movies and TV: I have made it my personal mission to watch every single movie nominated for the Oscars over break. Will it be difficult? Yes. Am I still going to try? Of course. You can also use your newfound freedom to catch up on your favorite TV shows or even marathon an old one (thank you, Netflix).

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3. Read: With all the reading you’ve been doing for classes, you’ve probably had no time for read for fun. I’ve been stocking up on books for the past few weeks and am very excited to read them all.

4. Spend Time with Friends and Family: If you’re going back home this is a great time for you to spend time with your family and catch up with your friends. Skype is great, but actually seeing you family and friends in person is much better. If you’re staying on campus spend time with your old friends and make new ones!

5. Eat: If you’re traveling somewhere new and exciting, try the local cuisine! If you plan to stay on campus, discover new restaurants and even new cuisines nearby. It’s never a bad time to introduce yourself to delicious new food.

6. Explore the city: No matter which city you’re in, a day out discovering the city is always fun. Be a tourist in your own city for the day; you won’t regret it. If you’re staying on campus, take this opportunity to explore Boston if you haven’t had time during the semester.

7. Beach: This is probably the most typical spring break activity on this list. But hey, spring is (almost) here and what’s better than the sun, the sand, and the sea? Take a break from all the coats you’ve been wearing and put on a pair of shorts for a change.

8. Road Trip: As every road trip movie ever will evidence, road trips are one of the best things you can do over break. Find some willing friends, get a car, and drive to wherever you desire. It’s cheaper and a lot more fun than taking a flight.

9. Couch surf: If you want to travel and not burn a hole in your pocket, couchsurfing is the way to go. Stay with a friend or find a host though the couchsurfing networks online.

10. Concerts: Spring break is a great time for concerts and music festivals. They’re a great way to unwind, a great way to discover some new music, and a great way to listen to your favorite artists live.

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This is the last break we’re going to get before finals hit us. So, let’s make the most of it.