Wednesday Word of the Week | March 5, 2014


Ne|far¦ious | nuh-fae-ree-us


Wicked or villainous (typically of an action or activity).


The nefarious bully would often steal lunch money and kick sand in children’s faces.


This word stems from the Latin counterparts of “ne” (not) and “fas” (divine law). Combined, it became “nefar” (wrong), and later became the Latin word “nefarius”, which directly translates to “nefarious” in English.

Additional Notes

Even though this word has such a wicked connotation, whenever I think of it, I automatically conjure images of the Grinch, or MegaMind, or Gru from Despicable Me. I can’t help but associate it with a more comical and humorous vibe, instead of a threatening one.