Hot off the Press | February 27, 2014

IN NEWS: Mary Pat McMahon, currently the associate dean of student affairs at Bowdoin College, will become Tufts’ new dean of student affairs on April 1.

IN FEATURES: The Tufts Wellness Center opened last year to provide free health services and consultations to university employees. Founded last May, the center partners with Marathon Health, a company that works with employers to provide affordable healthcare for their staff.

IN ARTS: If you are in the mood for a good laugh tonight, you should consider heading down to Balch Arena Theater for the opening night of “The 39 Steps.”

TODAY’S EDITORIAL: A discussion of the veto of SB 1062 in Arizona.

IN SPORTS: The women’s squash team this past weekend earned the third spot in the D Division and a No. 27 national ranking, after Tufts beat William Smith College in the consolation round of the CSA Team Championships in Princeton, N.J.