Top Ten Tunes to Listen to While Studying for Midterms

Sitting in the library, trying to work, too much noise? We’ve all been there. A great way to cut out the noise and concentrate on what you want to pay attention to is to listen to some awesome music. Of course, music works differently for everyone: some can’t work with it, and some can’t work without it. I’ve even heard of some people listening to white noise while they study. Here’s a list of incredible tunes to listen to while studying for that killer midterm.

1. The ‘Lord of The Rings’ soundtrack

Listening to ‘Lord of The Rings’ is a magical experience while studying.

2. Sommermix #2 by Sonnenstunden Am See

Sommermix #2 will put you in summertime bliss. You’ll be able to feel the European sun on your face.

3. Mashup Germany

For those of you who love mashups, Mashup Germany is the best pop music mashup service online!

4. The Sound You Need

The Sound You Need is genuinely what everybody needs from time to time. This channel will relax you until all your life stresses have disappeared!

5. Four seasons by Vivaldi

Listening to Four Seasons will filter out the rest of the world and allow you to concentrate on acing your mid-term, while allowing you to claim to listen to all 42 minutes of one of history’s most famous pieces of music.

6. Random Access Memories by Daft Punk

Random access memories won big at the Grammy’s. It can definitely help you win big during midterms season too!

7. Modern Vampires of The City by Vampire Weekend

This album was said to be one of the best albums of 2013, and I couldn’t agree more. Listening to this album will get you thinking about whatever it is you’re studying!

8. The ‘Star Wars’ Soundtrack

This soundtrack is universally known as one of the best soundtracks in cinema history (should it be cinematic history?). Listening to this takes you through the emotional roller coaster of Star Wars without having to watch the movie, and without distracting you from your revision.

9. True by Avicii

This album is high energy and is great for both studying and pre-exam pump-up!

10. XX by the XX

The calm melodies of this album will provide you with the peace of mind required to ace even the most difficult of midterms.