Box Office Hits and Misses

The long weekend has passed, but you still may not have that much to do. The whether is pretty bad, and no one wants to go out. How can you pass the time? Netflix is always an option, but what about going old-school and heading out to a cinema?

1. The LEGO Movie

Yes, that’s right. The LEGO Movie (again). It’s still the highest grossing movie out there. It raked in almost $50 million last weekend, which is down from $80 million the week before. Needless to say, it seems like a silly children’s movie, but as mentioned on last week’s box office review, it has been critically acclaimed by both the New Yorker and Entertainment Weekly.

2. About Last Night

About Last Night was a new entrant into the box office this past weekend, grossing $25.6 million. Although IMDB gave it a 6.4 rating and Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 77%, the movie does seem to be a simple comic relief that you may want to take after a long week of midterms.

3. RoboCop

That’s right! The remake of RoboCop is finally out. It grossed about $22 million last weekend, which is disappointing given the hype built up around the movie. Having seen the trailer, the movie does look pretty awesome, and could most certainly make a great outing from the Tufts Bubble.

Of course, there are some of the older movie still in theaters, such as Gravity, Frozen, and American Hustle. I would highly recommend taking the opportunity this weekend to catch up on some old goodies while they’re still on the big screen, especially considering that the new entrants this week haven’t been the strongest candidates.