Hot off the Press | February 18, 2014

IN NEWS: Tufts Concert Board has selected the headliner for this year’s Spring Fling concert based on a survey taken by 1600 Tufts University students. According to Concert Board co-chair Mark Bernardo, survey responses suggested that students’ preferred music genre was hip-hop. While Concert Board has chosen an artist, they will not release the name for another three weeks.

IN FEATURES: Tufts MAKE began as a club focused on developing assistive technology for people with disabilities. While awaiting official recognition from the Tufts Community Union, the group has expanded into designing and developing apps and offering hands-on workshops to Tufts students.

IN ARTS: Barely through half of its 22 episode season, “S.H.I.E.L.D.” has mostly been an exercise in middling quality, with only the occasional episode breaking free and living up to the series’ promise. However, recent episodes have shown that “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” may have some surprises left as the show approaches the final portion of its first season.

TODAY’S EDITORIAL: Tufts has made positive strides in its decision to create Bridge Professorships that will, according to the university, “enable the hiring of faculty whose scholarship bridges academic units across or within schools.” The inaugural program, set to begin next year with financial support from the Provost’s office, will give Tufts students the opportunity to connect with joint faculty members who will teach a subject offered in two Tufts schools.

IN SPORTS: The men’s track and field team has been on a tear the past several weeks. Numerous athletes have recorded personal bests, qualified for the NCAA Championships, broken school records, and even become the fastest in the country at their respective events.