Food for Thought | Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day With Dewick

For many of us, Valentine’s Day is an excuse to wear red lipstick, go out for a fancy dinner, or just generally spend lots of time and money impressing our significant others. For the rest of the world, it’s a day to curl up on the couch and criticize The Notebook while secretly just wishing that someone would want “all of us…forever…you and me….every day!”

This Valentine’s Day, though, I suggest that we abandon the stereotypes—romantic dates or sarcastic and thinly veiled self-loathing—and try something different instead: Dewick. Now, I’ve been a huge proponent of TUDS, and Dewick particularly, since my arrival at the Tufts campus this August. However, I know as well as anyone that sometimes the dining experience can get a little repetitive. I mean seriously, how often can we be expected to eat Sicilian ravioli, flawless carrot cake, and homemade pizza?! So, if you and your palate aren’t quite feeling the heat this Valentine’s Day, here are a few Dewick Do-It-Yourself ideas to “spice up” your dining experience:

1.)  Nutty For Hot Chocolate: Are you craving something sweet after you finish a savory meal of beef flank steak and pasta with broccoli and tomatoes? Well, if the sundae bar or ultimate chocolate cheesecake just won’t do it for you, try putting a spoonful of Nutella in your mug and adding hot chocolate so that it melts. Indulgent? Definitely, but also delicious. For a lower-calorie option, Nutella can also be added to coffee, in lieu of cream and sugar, for an off-beat mocha flavor.

2.)  The Ice Cream Of Health Foods: Are you sick of alternating between Dewick’s not one, not two, but three delicious yogurt options? Maybe you just haven’t realized that yogurt is essentially the ice cream of health foods. Take a stroll around the cafeteria and you’ll see that the entire “Sundae Bar” is right at your fingertips. For the vanilla or strawberry yogurt, try adding granola. There are three or four different types to choose from in the cereal section (including chocolate). Adding banana slices, or even canned peaches and pears to your yogurt-granola mix can also provide a little variety. On Sundays, when Dewick has grapes and strawberries, this is also a killer combination. Lastly, the plain Greek yogurt tends to be healthier because it has less sugar than the other options…to undermine this completely, but make your tastebuds happy, you can add a little honey (by the tea station) to sweeten your yogurt naturally.

3.)  Rootbeer Float: There’s vanilla soft serve. There’s rootbeer. Go.

4.)  Savory Options: For those who may not have my sweet tooth, but who are feeling adventurous, Dewick also offers some savory DIY dining options. In a recent competition to prove himself “King of Dewick,” a friend of mine created the Pizza Panini. He took a slice of pizza, piled on some turkey, lettuce, cheese, and tomato, and then placed another slice of pizza facedown on top to create a sandwich. He placed the creation in the panini press and something beautiful was born. As a vegetarian, I was unable to sample the delicacy, but it got rave reviews from friends and there’s even talk of attempting to recreate the Pizza Panini with a burger in the middle instead.

While it’s understandable that students may want to watch their eating habits to avoid the Freshman Fifteen or the Dewick Ten Thousand Pounds, Valentine’s Day, in my opinion, is a great excuse to cut yourself a little slack and extra slice of cake (add ice cream).