The Best #SochiProblems

You’ve probably seen the images of the “Sochi Problems” on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook and possibly even the real news. For those lucky few who have somehow avoided the constant updates from athletes and observers alike, the “Sochi Problem” craze essentially consists of photos and stories regarding various hotel mishaps, failures in hygiene, and even weird toilets. Check out a few of the funniest or most terrifying “Sochi Problems” photos below:


This image, taken from the new Twitter account @SochiProblems, features a photo of a Sochi hotel’s shower amenities, complete with exposed live wires.


This photo features Shaun Walker, a Moscow correspondent for The Guardian. He was excited at having been one of the few people with a hotel room (though all had booked rooms prior to attending the games) until the curtain rod fell from his window.


This image is taken from the Twitter account of U.S. Olympic bobsledder Johnny Quinn. After being locked in his hotel’s bathroom, and realizing that neither the lock nor the handle would break, he was forced to use his “bobsled push training” to break through the door itself….a feat that doesn’t appear too difficult as the inside of the door looks a heck of a lot like cardboard.


Two of the most viral Sochi images yet can be seen here: the first features a packet of honey with a dead bee included. The second image is that of a doorknob that apparently pulled right out of a door.


Here, one can see the Sochi bathroom accommodations. While it’s nice to have two toilets, there is no wall between the two, and, what’s more, it appears there is also no sink. The mirrors appear above the toilets and there is hand sanitizer against the wall. The trashcan may be there for convenience, but it is also possible that these toilets, like many reported in Sochi, are incapable of flushing toilet paper. Thus, the trashcan becomes necessary for disposal of one’s used toilet paper.


The last and potentially most popular “Sochi Problems” image is that of these two glasses of… you guessed it….water. Apparently the hotel did not have running water and, by the time the water was fixed again, it looked like this. Fortunately, the conscientious hotel management warned individuals not to ingest the water, or use it to wash faces, because it was “toxic.”

In case you aren’t horrified enough, more “Sochi Problems” can be found on the SochiProblems twitter, or by searching for the hashtag.