Hot off the Press | February 7, 2014

In News:  Members of the Schools of Arts and Sciences and Engineering faculty voted in December to adopt a new policy on online courses.

The policy outlines a two-tier system for approving online courses and expands the web-based courses that count toward graduation from two to five, which represents a semester’s worth of courses, according to the chair of the Education Policy Committee (EPC) David Hammer.

In Arts: It appears, for once, that a film has been made that deals with a very difficult topic in a youth-saturated industry: middle age. Not only does director Sebastián Lelio’s film, “Gloria” (2013), focus on this stage of life, but it also delivers an even more unusual companion: romance. The result is an immensely mature and uplifting film.

In Arts: HBO’s new series “Looking,” which premiered Jan. 19, looks promising after its first three episodes. With a slow pace and likeable characters, “Looking” explores contemporary gay life in San Francisco.

In Sports: On Feb. 3, junior Hayley Kanner was named NESCAC Player of the Week for her performances over the weekend.Kanner is the first Tufts women’s basketball player this year to receive the honor despite the Jumbos’ undefeated record that has them leading the NESCAC standings.

In Sports: The men’s basketball team matched up Tuesday night with non-conference opponent UMass-Dartmouth, routing the Corsairs 73-54 to bring Tufts its third win in four games. The team improved to 11-9 overall with the victory.