Box Office Hits and Misses

Thank goodness it’s Friday, and what a snowy week it’s been. Though this week has been pretty stress-free, snow day and all, if you know someone who has a paper, a project, or job applications waiting to be done, take them out to a movie this weekend. Here are your options going from best selling to flip-flopping:

1) Ride Along

Coming in the number 1 spot is “Ride Along,” Kevin Hart and Ice Cube’s newest comic masterpiece, which grossed $95,020,670 domestically this weekend. Kevin Hart plays the doting boyfriend, while Ice Cube plays the overprotective brother. High speed chases, terrible one-liners, and comic exchanges are expected.

2) Frozen

For what seems like the 100th week in a row, Disney’s new classic animated musical takes the 2nd spot on the top grossing list this week. This week marks the second week that the special, limited run of the Frozen “sing a-long” is in theaters. So go sing along (when appropriate) to your new favorite Idina Menzel song while you still can!

3) That Awkward Moment

Zac Efron is back on screen for something that isn’t a musical! Coming in third is That Awkward Moment, a guy-centric romantic comedy about three average guys being guys and trying to get girls. I expect that towards the end they all realize that doing “crazy” un-masculine things is okay, just as long as it’s for a girl. Go figure!


Lone Survivor, The Nut Job, and Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit came in 4th, 5th, and 6th, respectively, each garnering just enough to make the list. And while I’m sure each brings something unique to the table, it seems that they didn’t inspire enough interest to gain the coveted top 3 movies for this weekend.


So go out, see a movie this weekend, and relax. Choose wisely!