[title of blog] | Fine, Fresh, and Free

I have approximately one month until I delve back into the rehearsal process. With this month comes a rare opportunity: the security of knowing that I’ve been cast in a production, but a plethora of evenings and weekends sans rehearsal.

I cannot stress how extremely exceptional this situation is.

Last semester, I found myself at a loss without a four-hour block of my day dedicated to rehearsal, but this time around, I’ve decided to celebrate my intermittent freedom by attending all the GIM’s for clubs that I’ll eventually have to stop participating in, writing more for The Daily, and even treating myself to a Panic! At The Disco concert. I even decided to take a weekend excursion to New York City, because why not?

It’s been a nice change of pace. Last fall, I was not only adjusting to college and to my classes, but I was immediately thrust into rehearsal. I had to learn how to juggle my life very quickly. Luckily, I adapted to my entirely new environment with only a few sleepless nights as the result of overloading myself. All in all, I made it through rather well. However, I would not recommend trying that again. Now, I have an entire twenty eight days to settle into my classes, readjust to my new schedule and responsibilities, and even take some time for myself before diving right back into the hustle of the theatre world.

By no means does this mean I have unlimited free time, but it is a sizeable amount for my world and I plan on thoroughly enjoying it.