[title of blog] | Buffering Your Next Adventure

The question that has been pestering me for the past week has been, “What do I do now?” Without four hours of rehearsal everyday, I realized I have a lot more time to do the things I’ve been wanting to do all semester, like spend more time outside, read a book for pleasure instead of for class, and maybe even go to bed at a decent hour…

I’ve been fooling myself completely.

Spending time outside is nearly impossible without the numbing sensation of approaching winter attacking my fingers. Reading any more than I have to for my classes makes my eyes launch into an instantaneous blurred sensation. Going to bed at a decent hour has been, and always will be, an unattainable goal that you only hear about in movies like Clueless in which everyone is dressed immaculately and lacks the iconic bags under their eyes. Somehow, my routine without a show has remained quite similar. What I thought would be four extra hours of blissful relaxation has turned into extended period of procrastination.

So what do I do now? Clearly, my first answer is not feasible, so what am I left with? Besides becoming increasingly addicted to BuzzFeed and Tumblr all over again, there is the enticing prospect of going home for Thanksgiving in a few short weeks. I keep having dreams of warmer weather, cuddling with my dog, and eating way too much food with my family. However, my daydreams of New Mexican feasting don’t occupy these extra hours I’ve suddenly attained. Instead, I’ve indulged in on-campus snacking.

Post-show depression will increase the amount of Oreos consumed per week exponentially.  Trust me. I speak from experience.

Though I’ve been emotionally binge eating as a form of comfort, I’ve also been so surprised by the immense amount of positive feedback for Lend Me a Tenor. I mean, having five gracious Tufts Confessions about the show is a feat within itself.asfgh
The amount of compliments that the cast and crew have received about Lend Me a Tenor has been truly humbling. I can’t express enough how welcoming the Tufts theatre community is, and this fact has definitely been reaffirmed during the past week. My debut on the Tufts stage has been met by immeasurable kindness. So thank you, yet again, for enjoying our show as much as we enjoyed performing for you.

Now, it’s a matter of gathering myself and preparing for the next project. I’m not entirely sure what that will be or when it will happen, but you know, that’s the exciting part. For now, I will continue catching up on copious amounts of T.V, actually socializing with my hall, and who knows, maybe even reading a book just for fun.

I’m waiting for the next theatrical adventure to manifest itself and I cannot wait for that to happen.