[title of blog] | A Documentation of My First Opening Day

9:04 am: Woke up to the sounds of the air dryer in the bathroom next door

9:05 am: Remembered it was opening day and subsequently had a slight panic attack

9:08 am: Recovered from said short-lived panic attack by eating cereal in bed and watching Scooby Doo

9:26 am: “Wishing you the best tonight! I know it will be another great performance!” My dad is the cutest.

9:27 am: Realized that this is the first show of mine that my dad will not be able to attend in eight years and got a little bit teary

10:02 am: Listened to my backstage pump up playlist to cheer myself up and finally got some coffee in my system

10:36 am: Esteemed director Alex Kaufman gets a celebratory bag of candy in class and gives a brief announcement about “Lend Me a Tenor” OH WOW I GOT ANXIOUS AGAIN

11:06 am: “Slay the stage my amazingly talented daughter!!! Xxxxoooo text me or call after for an update I want to hear all 🙂 I love u w/every piece of my heart.” My mother’s texting language is inherently endearing and enthusiastic.

12:47 pm: Come back to the dorm to see that my roommate has decorated our door with congratulatory and encouraging sticky notes in honor of tonight’s shows.

1:56 pm: Proceeded to procrastinate all work because I’m too excited. I mean, I don’t really need to put away my laundry….

2:17 pm: Make sentimental post on Facebook about the show and get overly sappy


4:18 pm: Buy dinner to go because I don’t want to be a starving artist just yet

4:37 pm: Frantically stuff all my makeup into a bag, pretending that today is just a normal day even though I know I’m lying to myself

4:53 pm: Leave dorm and head for the theatre filled to the brim with butterflies in my stomach and the unwavering feeling that tonight will be spectacular

5:00 pm: So long reality, hello “Lend Me a Tenor”

And thus begins an entirely new adventure as I make my Tufts theatre debut alongside seven amazing cast members and the amazing support of the production staff in “Lend Me a Tenor.”

Here we go.

(If you’re reading this the day of, catch the show at 7 pm or 9 pm in the Balch Arena Theatre in Aidekman for free.)