App of the Week | BBM

If you think back far enough, you’ll remember these things called BlackBerrys. I’m sure everyone remembers their old BlackBerry, and today we think of them as antiquated phones. Today you have an onslaught of iPhones and Android devices roaming around college campuses.

Last night, BlackBerry, released their BBM app for iOS and Android. There’s currently a ridiculous waiting list of something like five million people to register for the app, but you can get around this if you have an old BlackBerry ID, like I did.


When you log in, you’re first presented with a setup screen, where you are shown your BBM pin, and can upload a profile picture.  Once you’re done with that, you’re taken to your empty BBM app, and it stays this way until you add contacts, or they add you. For those of you who don’t know, BBM doesn’t automatically import contacts, but instead, you have to add them manually via the BBM pin.  Once you’re (un)lucky enough to find someone who has a BlackBerry to add you, you can send them messages.

One thing I noticed about the app immediately is that the send button is in the bottom right hand corner. If you’ve ever used an iPhone you’ll know that the send button for any other messaging app is just above the keyboard to on the right, so naturally my finger gravitated to that region to send my message, only to be received by a palate of smiley faces! 😦

Overall the app isn’t anything new or innovative — its difficult to use, counter- intuitive, and most actions take far too many steps to complete. I would only recommend this app if you really need to message someone who is too loyal to BBM, or if you enjoy being dumbfounded.

I don’t think this app will last too long, especially because of the plethora of options out there. iPhone and Android users have many other methods of messaging each other such as WhatssApp and Facebook Messanger, which both have BlackBerry apps too. It honestly blows my mind when I try to think of reasons why any rational iPhone or Android user would use BBM.