Tufts China Care Does Bubble Tea

Who doesn’t love bubble tea? If you’ve never had bubble tea, stop reading this article, Google a place that sells it, and go get some. Thank me later. Otherwise, attend Tufts China Care’s (potentially) tri-annual bubble tea event – this time with macaroons – which took place this past Wednesday at the Campus Center.

So besides the delicious bubble tea, what’s all the fuss about? The money Tufts China Care raises through its bubble tea sales, as well as the LUX fashion show it holds in the Spring, will go to the Half the Sky Foundation. Sarah Neville, one of the group’s co-presidents, indicated that the money raised from these events will go towards surgeries for orphaned children in need of medical attention. More information about Tufts China Care and their events can be found on the club’s website and Facebook page.

Tufts China Care set up shop near the main staircase in the Campus Center, and it would have been impossible to miss them as the food and drink line remained conspicuously long, even though the volunteers behind the table were doing a great job of serving up the cold stuff with gusto. After a warm shot of butternut squash soup from a stand at the farmers’ market on the upper campus center patio, the coolness of the bubble tea and the shade of the indoors was welcome.

The culinary geography one can traverse in a matter of steps on this campus sometimes amazes me. To the side of the table from which volunteers served bubble tea and macaroons was a poster displaying the smiling faces of the children whose surgeries Tufts China Care has funded over the last couple years, as well as the club’s fundraising achievements and general information.

Unfortunately, this writer can’t vouch for the macaroons as he already felt guilty about borrowing money for bubble tea; however, the macaroons’ flavors, sea-salt caramel and pumpkin spice, and colors, blue and brown (an homage to our school – go Jumbos!), made them painfully enticing. Sources say they tasted as delicious as they looked. As for the bubble tea, the Thai flavor was to die for.