The Truth About ‘True’

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past several months, you’ve probably heard of Avicii. More recently, you’ve probably heard his new hit single “Wake Me Up” from his first album True. It is possible that no electronic dance music (EDM) artist has ever had such split reviews. While the album does retain some of Avicii’s old, hard-core dance music style in songs like “Dear Boy,” and “Liar Liar,” the majority of the album is either a strange mixture of country and EDM, or so radical that it can’t even be categorized.


EDM was born as an evolution of techno from the 90s. It began as a small cult following of a very particular type of music. As the genre has garnered more attention, the festivals have gotten bigger, and the artists have started earning millions of dollars, the genre has inevitably changed. The big-time artists don’t want to be left behind, so they’re doing anything and everything they can to preempt the changes in public taste.

There are critics and fans who love Avicii’s new sound and feel that this is where EDM is going, but the majority of people disagree. Most people who listen to EDM dislike this change. They don’t like the fact that Avicii is changing his style or that he’s becoming more mainstream. Even more, they don’t like the fact that EDM as a genre is changing. If you do want to get a feel of what the “classic Avicii” sound is, check out his set from Ultra Music Festival in Miami from 2012.

Although some may not like Avicii’s new sound, it might just be where EDM is heading in the future. He might be onto something new and bold, and other artists may follow suit and include varying degrees of influence from country in their music. So, despite any negative reviews you’ve heard, I urge to you have a listen to his album. You might just like it, and it might just become the EDM of the future.