This weekend in Union Square

When Davis Square has lost its cache and you can’t stomach seeing another historical tour group in Harvard Square, hop off the beaten T path over to Union Square in Somerville!

Union Square has been a hot topic within the Tufts community in recent months, with students advocating for a the implementation of a shuttle service to Union Square, and an increasingly bustling food-cart scene. Though fully accessible by bus, bike, car, or hoofin’ it, this nucleus of history and culture may not be the first thought of the members of the Medford bound community. But this weekend, move far beyond your comfort zone and out of your zipcode, and, mingle with the real people of Somerville at some unique haunts, including, yes, a chocolate factory. Please hold all Willy Wonka references until the end of the tour.

Taza Chocolate Factory

Not to be confused with a tea manufacturer with a similar name (replace a vowel and you’ve got it!), Taza Chocolate is a testament to the power of socially-consciouspeople and what an inaugurated appreciation for chocolate can accomplish! Taza makes 100% stone ground Mexican style organic chocolate with repurposed machinery, like the hazelnut roaster that they use to roast cocoa beans and nubs, and a donut machine-turned chocolate disk dispenser! For $5 and under an hour of your time, learn about the composts fascinating roots, unique economic model that ensures equity between the colorant and their growers, and sample re along three way! Reserve a spot online for a factory tour
reserve a spot for a factory you’re this weekend, and watch the magic happen!
Weekend tours are offered every other hour on Friday until 4pm, Saturday from 10am to 4pm, and Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm

The Independent

You’ll be hard pressed to find a Sommervillian who doesn’t know about The Independent, or doesn’t have some funny, conveluted tale about a night gone awry that ended with a trip to the Independent, or a morning-after brunch at The Independent where they sort out the night before, or a time when they were starving for quality food and saddled up in a booth at The Independent.  For all occurances of after-hours dining, or for one of the most enjoyable lunches you’ll have in a while, visit this Somerville mainstay. It’s a pub on one side and a restauraunt on the other,  so the under 21 crowd can pine away over oysters and make a mental list of the delectable cocktails to try once they reach the legal drinking age (and there are a LOT of cocktails and craft beers to mull over!). The Independent’s “sibling” restaurants include Saloon (in Davis Square), Foundry (also in Davis), and Davis Square Theatre (guess where?), so walk the few extra blocks to The Indepenedent for a unique take on a familiar vibe. 75 Union Square, Somerville, (617)-440-6022. Open for brunch and dinner, call the restaurant after 3pm to make dinner reservations.


Photo courtesy of Project MUM 2012

Ever wonder, gee, what is Somerville’s bicycle gang up to this September? No? Well, just in case you’re curious, they’re collaborating with the Somerville Arts Council and other Somerville artists to create a phenomenal dance party under, you guessed it, McGrath highway. The annual event’s theme this year is ‘space’–make of it what you will! Go dressed as shooting stars, planets, robots, or whatever your mind can conceive! Or come as you are, prepared to dance, with a suggested donation f $10. This event is sure to beat whatever house party you were planning to attend on Saturday. MUM is a unique way to interact with the Somerville community in Union Square, how convenient that the 80 bus from College Ave will drop you off RIGHT under McGrath? Now, we ask you again, what are you doing tonight?

Saturday September 15, 9pm- 1am, McGrath Highway & Washington Street, Somerville

What are your favorite Union Square places? Let us know in the comments below!


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